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Why should I join AV ATV Club?


Thanks for your interest in our trails and club. In the Berlin area we have about 130 miles of riding, 80 miles in Jericho, 25 miles on the Success Trail, a 20 mile loop down thru Gorham and 3 mile city trail connecting Jericho and Success. Most of it is open to ATV’s, side-by-sides and trail bikes. The new 20 mile loop from Jericho Park down to Gorham and back up to Berlin is open only to ATV’s, this is due to the State definition of an ATV. The closest campground to the trails is Moose Brook State Park which you would still need to trailer your quads 2 miles to the Gorham trailhead along Route 2. At this time there are no lodging or camping facilities with direct access to the trails. 15 miles north of Berlin on Route 16 is the Millsfield trail system with 120 miles of riding open to ATV’s and side-by-sides but not trail bikes. Maps can be downloaded at



The benefits of joining any ATV club in NH are the TRAILS! There cannot be ATV trails without an organized club recognized by the State of NH to construct, maintain, groom, build bridges, put up signs or whatever work you may see along that trail. This is a State law. A major portion of the funds to accomplish these tasks comes directly from your OHRV registration dollars and from a rebate of taxes on the gas you put into your ATV’s and it takes a recognized “Club” to apply for, secure and monitor the spending of these funds. But these funds don’t pay for all of the work and other costs of operating a non-profit club which is where your membership dollars come into play. In the next couple of years, if not sooner, all of the Great North Woods ATV trails will be inter-connected. You will be able to start in Berlin and ride to the Canadian border via a series of trails and logging roads with connectors going into towns for services just as snowmobiles do. This is all a product of the hard work of ATV club volunteers form Gorham to Pittsburg.

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Please make check or money order payable to: Androscoggin Valley ATV Club

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Androscoggin Valley ATV Club

                                            Fran Morin - Membership Coordinator

174 Blanchard Street, Apt. 1

Berlin, NH 03570

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